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We provide IT-professionals with “not-bored” projects around the world!

Let's Work Together

  • If you want to be involved in the different interesting projects
  • If you want to work with clients FORTUNE 500
  • If you looking for new opportunities and want to advance yourself
  • If you have temporarily available developers in-house and want to rent out them to another company
  • We offer our developers a short and long term period of project engagement
  • The managers of IT-O will care about all organizational side, the developer works and communicates directly with the client

You have much more professional potential to unravel. Let's do it in convenient conditions.

Individual contractors

You are an independent IT-professional who is willing to provide knowledge, skills, expertise on the temporal contract basis.
We offer:
  • the full time and part time project engagement
  • possibility to work as developer, advisor or interviewer
  • the reliable clients - no risk to work for free

the project involvement period starts from 7 days and up to 3 years

Development teams

You are the IT-company who can provide temporarily available in-house developers for the projects.
We offer:
  • effective remote relocation of available IT-resources who remain working in-house
  • the full time and part time project engagement
  • opportunity to expand your company IT-portfolio

Ready to become more flexible?
Do it in 3 simple steps
  • 1
    Join the IT-O community
  • 2
    Pass a technical interview with the clientI
  • 3
    Sign an Agreement and kick off your outstaffed workflow
We welcome
qualified IT specialists:
IT Developers - Create software backbones for the industry’s largest projects

UI/UX Designers - Create user interfaces for top-of-the-line products

QA Engineers - Help test and polish innovative products

Our iT Outstaffing benefits:
  • Flexible remote workflow opportunities
  • Quick start
    Immediate availability of the provided resources.
  • Flexible payment way - Wire / VISA&Master Card / Money transfer/ Cryptocurrency
  • Unlimited technology stack
    We are covering 100+ IT Technologies.
  • Part-time or full-time projects
    Choose the best option for yourself
  • Hourly rate or fixed monthly payment
  • Transparent fee-free payouts
  • •Paperwork and accounting free of charge
  • High Quality Standards and legal guarantees
  • Support
    Dedicated Talent Manager throughout the entire project.
Your project is on deadline and the team urgently requires additional resources.
We are at your service if:
You plan a quick start but the standard recruitment process takes more time.
It's impossible to determine the project's load and duration precisely.
You have an urgent one time task to be completed ASAP or need a high level of expertise to solve an IT problem.
You temporarily need certain skills which are not typical for the project, and not included in the team expertise.
You lack of available resources locally or you would like to involve a team of developers ASAP.
Our goal is to help you to keep your project on schedule and within the planned budget!
Join IT Outstaffing!

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